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Catalina Recreation Rooms

Each of the three Catalina Properties (North, Central and South) has a recreation center for residents' enjoyment. Your Caltech ID will provide you access to the buildings. The recreation centers are equipped with outdoor barbecues, patio furniture, foosball and pool tables, large-screen cable TV, DVD/Blu-ray, stereo equipment, kitchenette and fireplace. They also house the Catalina's washers and dryers, all card-operated.

To reserve a Catalina Recreation Room, you must create an account on our reservation system, accessible only to residents through invite. If you need access to the site, email the RLC, Nilza Santana, to or

Catalina Recreation Room Policies

  • Only residents currently residing in the Catalina Residential Apartments may reserve usage of the recreation rooms.
  • Recreation rooms may be reserved for campus or residential community events.
  • Only 2 of the 3 recreation rooms are available for reservation at any given time. One recreation room must be left open for general usage at all times.
  • All reservations must be approved. A reservation is not considered official until it has been approved. You will be notified via email if your reservation is approved.
  • Please submit requests at least 48 hours in advance for approval. Reservation requests will not be checked over weekends and holidays. Reservations requested 2 months or more in advance will not be approved.
  • Parties and events must conclude no later than 10 PM on weekdays and 12 AM on weekends. Special events to be held outside of normal hours require approval from the Catalina Residential Life Coordinator.
  • The Catalina Recreation Rooms are for the use and enjoyment of all Catalina residents. Please respect your neighbors when using these facilities by being mindful of noise level.
  • Event Registration:  Please check the Event Registration Guidelines or consult with the Catalina Residential Life Coordinator to determine if your event needs to be registered.

The Recreation Rooms should be cleaned after scheduled events. Large or excessive amounts of trash and recycling must be taken to bins located in the Cats, along S. Catalina Blvd. Failure to clean up after events will lead to the following actions:

  • Resident may not schedule another party for one term
  • Resident will be liable for all cleaning fees (minimum $150.00 billed to bursar account)
  • Resident will need to meet with Catalina Residential Life Coordinator prior to registering another event