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UG Room Check-out/Move Information and Form

If you are leaving Caltech Housing before the end of the academic year, you must file a UG Cancellation Form (the form is available through your account under "My Housing") at least fifteen days prior to your check-out date.

If you are moving to another room within Caltech Housing, you must be granted prior approval (through the House Picks Officer and the Housing Office). 

A proper check-out or room move is completed when the following conditions have been met:

All of Resident's personal possessions are moved out of the room by the check-out date provided. The Institute is not responsible for items left in rooms after Resident's check-out, room-move or contract termination.  Items left behind will be disposed of at Resident's expense.

The Room Check-Out/Move Form (PDF) must be completed and submitted in person to the Housing Office upon completion of move. If you finish moving after business hours you can submit this form to our drop box located to the right of the Housing Office front doors (facing Holliston Ave).  This form is required every time you move to another room or check-out completely.

Failure to complete the Room Check-Out/Move Form will result in a $100.00 improper checkout/room move fee.

Failure to vacate premises by termination or check-out date: $300.00/day (noon each day)