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UG Housing Cancellation Information

The UG Cancellation Form is now available through your Caltech Access account.

Log into your account and click on "My Housing" to find the link to the UG cancellation form.

Once the contract commences, a 15-day notice is required for cancellation due to a move to non-Caltech Housing. For ineligible or withdrawing students, you have 5 days from the effective date of non-eligibility to vacate your housing.

Here are some guidelines for cancellation of the academic year contract:

Cancellation Charges


License Contract Cancellation by July 15, 2016: None

License Contract Cancellation by September 20, 2016: $150.00

License Contract Cancellation on or after September 21, 2016: $300.00

For all contracts, if the cancellation is due to completion of requirements, academic ineligibility, withdrawal or transfer to another university, there are no cancellation fees.


When applicable, resident's room charges will be prorated based on resident's check-out date. For residents on a Dining board plan, board program fees will continue to be charged until the completion of check-out procedures.

Check-out Procedures

Room Move and Check-out Information