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Caltech Housing Pet Policy

Updated June 1, 2019

Updated Pet Policy

The new Caltech Pet Policy is now in effect.  The new policy within the contract states the following:

PETS Licensee may not maintain any pets.  Pets are strictly prohibited. If Licensee is found with a pet or pets, Licensee will be assessed a fine of $200.00. Licensee will be given fourteen (14) calendar days from the date that notice of violation of the Pets section of the License Contract is violated to remove the pet(s) from the Premises.  If Licensee fails to remove the pet(s) within the fourteen (14) day period, this License Contract will be subject to revocation and Licensee and pet(s) will be removed from the Premises within five (5) calendar days of notice of failure to remove pet(s). 

Any pets that were registered last April 2018 (which were grand-fathered in under the previous policy) will need to be re-located to new homes by the end of June 2019. 

Please be aware that this new Caltech Pet Policy does not include emotional support animals or service animals.  These animals go through a different approval process through our Caltech Accessibility Services for Students:  

Again, no new pets will be accepted.

Thank you for your cooperation with this policy moving forward.